Beginning mid 2013, Excard Corporation will organize non-for-profit activities in various states in Malaysia. Some of these activities will benefit the less fortunate – young and old, while others – the environment. They can be in a form of fundraises, pledges, gotong-royongs, recycling campaigns and etc. Nevertheless, all of them will be for a worthy cause for all Malaysians.

These activities will run under our Excard & Friends banner and will sometimes be introduced to you through our various brands – or

The goal of Excard & Friends is not merely to fulfill our social responsibility but to also encourage fellow SMEs, corporate partners and even customers to unite and contribute towards a worthy cause. This is because alone ordinary individuals and small enterprises can only do so much in today’s busy world. But with more hands, together we can reach out further and touch more lives.

So, join us in our activities. Together we can do more for our community and make a difference!

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