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From 2nd August – 2nd October 2013

A portion from the proceeds of photo books sales by Pixajoy (our photo book brand) will be donated to the Penang Shan Children’s Home (PSCH). The collected proceeds will be used to purchase food and essential items for the children of this home. So, if you would like to order a photo book from Pixajoy, now’s a good time to do it. Any order made from Pixajoy directly or via group purchase sites will go to supporting the welfare of the children.

Also, if you would like to make a personal donation (cash or in-kind), kindly contact the home’s administrator Dr. Chandran at 016-412 7711. Please refer to the Wish List below for in-kind donations.

Thanks Friend!

Wish List

Daily Necessities Weekly Necessities Canned Food Toiletries
Coffee Powder Chili Powder Sardines Shampoo
Condensed Milk Cooking Oil Baked Beans Sanitary Pads
Horlicks Red Chili Green Peas Shoe Polish
Tea Powder Green Chili Tea Powder Face Powder
Full Cream Milk Powder Fish Ghee(Q.B.B) Dish Washing Liquid
Milo Chicken   Fabric Soap Powder
Evaporated Milk      

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